Hand Seed Planter
Your Seeding Partner

Innovative design for seeding and fertilizing
Saving much more valuable times and efforts
Greatly improve the efficiency of the work.

Looking For Quality and Affordable Hand Seed Planter


Hand Seed Planter HSP7B

High efficiency seeding and fertilizing function.
High quality, Portable, Environmental.
Available for Corn, Soybean, Vegetable etc seeds.

Vegetable Seed Planter HSP10A

Design in unique seeding in garden or farm.
Easy to install, use and carry.
Adjustable seeds distance in sowing.

Garden Seed Planter HSP1B

Traditional design for seeding and fertilizing.
Small-Size, Portable, Saving times and efforts.
With durable quality and convenient operate.


We craft innovative agricultural products that will save you time and maximize your energy. Our company is constantly developing new ways to meet the needs of a dynamic global market. All of our hand seed planters are manufactured from high quality materials, and are purpose built with your needs in mind.

Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is what motivates us to keep striving and create great products. We want you to think of us as a partner when it comes to your planting needs, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.





How To Change The Seed Planting Distance

By stevenhebiz@gmail.com | May 16, 2018

How to change the different seed planting distance? It’s a bit simple works. We have three varient Garden Seed Planter:HSP7A/B, HSAP10A, HSP12A , Minimum seed planting distance is 15.5cm, maximum distance is 30cm. You could random adjust it according to the actual status. We also match with the replacement seed nozzle, all these nozzle material … Read more…

Now Is The Time To Save Big With Hand Seed Planter!

By stevenhebiz@gmail.com | January 15, 2018

There are two things in life that simply can’t be bought. Time and health. Here at JC Hand Seed Planter we know that the spring planting season can take its toll on your body, if you are doing all your seed planting by hand. Not only will your efficiency fall as the hard planting work … Read more…

Seeder Planter- Your good helper in garden or farm

By stevenhebiz@gmail.com | April 14, 2017

If you have a large garden, there are two vegetable seed planters that you can use to make your planting work easier and help save a lot of seeds: stab planters and walk-behind seed planters. A walk-behind Seed Planters This is a precision device that puts every seed at a given spacing along a row. … Read more…

Our Garden Seed Planters Work For You

By stevenhebiz@gmail.com | April 3, 2017

Planting a vegetable garden by hand is time consuming work. If you want to get more work done, consider one of our garden seed planters. Our planters will allow you to plant an entire garden in a fraction of the time it took you to do the work manually. In addition to planting the seed, … Read more…

Convenient Farming Facility- Vegetable Seed Planters

By stevenhebiz@gmail.com | March 21, 2017

Vegetable Seed Planters is committed to producing quality seeding equipment and providing to those with planting needs. The focus of the product is on improving work efficiency and easing the efforts of manual planting and fertilizing in farming and gardening. These seed planters are all very easy to use and can help to save time … Read more…

Expand Your Production With JC Hand Seed Planter

By stevenhebiz@gmail.com | March 20, 2017

JC hand seed planter is a wonderful way to improve your productivity, while economizing your seed and fertilizer use. If you are currently seeding your fields by hand, we have a great option for you. The hand seed planters that we manufacture will cut your work in the fields down by an order of magnitude, … Read more…

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