Walk Behind Seed Planter

Walk Behind Seed Planter 

Manual Seed Planter Machine. Compact And Multi-Purpose Hand Seed Planter. No need to take more energy handing.

Model Number;

Operation difficulty: 
Very Easy

Important Features 1: 
Simple and easy, Seeding and fertiliser works together.

Important Features 2: 
Automatic Cover Soil After Seeding.

Walk Behind Seed Planter Description

A very compact and practical planter- Walk Behind Seed Planter. This helpful gadget allows users to plant dozens of seeds in an hour without digging, divvying out seeds, or placing them in their individual holes. The Hand Seed Planter is a push along planter that can be loaded with seeds, and each time that the front component turns over, seeds are pushed into the ground. The seed planter functions admirably in a wide range of soil, including mud-like soil and dry earth!

Could you supply spare parts of seed planter for replacement?

Of course do it. Like metal fertilizer, seed tips, seed cylinder kit, spare torsion springs, rubber wiper and etc. You could specify detail spare parts item and quantity from the hand seed planter. We will match with the related Spare parts for you.

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Specifications Sheet

Body Material:ABS, PC
Handle, Pole Material:Galvanized Steel
Nozzle Material (7pcs):Galvanized Steel
Seed Storage Box Material:Transparent PC
Fertilizer Storage Box Material:Transparent PC
Seed Storage Box Capacity:3.6KGS Seeds
Fertilizer Storage Box Capacity:4.5KGS Fertilizer
Seeding Depth:5-6cm
Seeding Distance(7-Nozzle)22cm
Seeding Distance(6-Nozzle)25cm
Seeding Distance(5-Nozzle)30cm
Applicable Seed:Corn, Soybean, Peanut, Carrot, Vegetable ect.
G.W/N.W:11.3/10.1 KGS
Packing Size51x27x55cm