Garden Seed Planter

Garden Seed Planter

Do you want to enjoy more blissful planting in your garden, yard?
Our portable and small Garden Seed Planter will let you get a lot more done,
And the quality of the work will be more efficient.
When you use our garden seed planter, it does all that work for you!

A characteristic feature of the Garden Seed Planter.

One model- HSP1A. The Single Row Corn Planter is only have planting function.
Another model- HSP1B. The Hand Held Seed Planter with both planting and fertiliser.
All the planter come from fresh and durable plastic material.
Ensure safety operating and storage in the home.

How to pinpoint the garden seed planter faults rapidly?

1. Holder Cracked. Overexertion or material ageing.
Need to replace the new holder of vegetable seed planter.
2. Bad Reposition (failure of resetting). A problem from Spring cracked.
Change the spring of vegetable garden planter.
3. Seed or Fertilizer tip spread not well.
Clean up the soiled tip, review the new spring.
4. Seeding measurement is not incorrectly.
Seeds screening, and instead of new rubber wipers.

The Garden Seed Planter is not only your tools but also your partner!

Single Row Corn Planter, HSP1A

New fresh and durable plastic material, Seeding only but works rapidly. Versatile Seed Planter Tool. Suitable for various vegetable and fruit seeds planting.

Hand Held Seed Planter, HSP1B

Portable, Durable advantages, Hard-wearing quality. Seeding and fertilising works together rapidly. Widely used in Corn, Soybean, Peanut and other vegetable, fruit seeds planting.