Vegetable Seed Planter

Vegetable Seed Planter

Corn Planter For Sale, New Product In the 2016 Year. Popular Now In The Market. More information, Contact Us!

Model Number

Operation difficulty : 
Very Easy

Important Features 1: 
Transparent Body and Seeds Storage, Seeding rapidly

Important Features 2: 
Automatic Cover Soil After Seeding.

Vegetable Seed Planter Description

Those Vegetable Seed Planters can plant huge amounts of various seeds ranging from corn and green bean seeds, to shelled nut seeds, and everything that falls in between. Presently, there are 6 variants of the Push Planter. The main contrasts from these model is with fertilize or without fertilize function. Regardless of which version you run with, you won't be let down by your purchase as both models take care of business rapidly and effectively.
More convenient and simple to move along the ground. has an alteration setting that permits the change of space between seed deposition,
which is convenient for bigger seeds.

How to adjust the planting space of our sowing seeds equipment?

Only changed the Seed tip. 10 tips have 14.5cm seeding distance for each tip.
9 tips- 17cm. 8 tips-20cm, 7 tips-23cm, 6 tips-26.5cm. More information, please kindly contact us.

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Specifications Sheet

Body Material:ABS, PC
Handle, Pole Material:Galvanized Steel
Nozzle Material (7pcs):Galvanized Steel
Seed Storage Box Material:Transparent PC
Seed Storage Box Capacity:3.6KGS Seeds
Seeding Depth:5-6cm
Seeding Distance(10-Nozzle)15.5cm
Seeding Distance(9-Nozzle)17.0cm
Seeding Distance(8-Nozzle)19.0cm
Applicable Seed:Corn, Soybean, Green bean, Peanut, Carrot, Vegetable, Cotton ect
G.W/N.W:11.2/10.2 KGS
Packing Size51x27x55cm