Small Seed Planters

Small Seed Planters

The Seed tips from the planter are specially manufactured from
galvanized steel, white ABS plastic body, ensuring that the product
is both durable and environmentally friendly. With 6PCS different
Seed cylinder storage variety seeds. The small seed planter have a
seeding depth of five to six centimeters, and can be used to plant
corn, green beans, soy beans, carrots, peanuts, cotton and etc.
Each of these planters is very portable and easy to use, rapidly
planting to improve efficiency.

Why the small seed planter is rapidly planting?

To make the task of planting easier and take portable uses,
We special developed the new product- Garden Seed Planter.
This handy device not only more practical designs,
but also allows users to plant hundreds of seeds in an hour
without having to dig holes, count out seeds, or place them
in their appropriate spots. The seed planter works well in all
types of soil, including mud-like soil and dry earth.

We makes the process of planting simple, and saves gardeners
and farmers time. Wish to become your good partner!

Hand Corn Planter, HSP7C

ABS Plastic Body and Seed Storage, 23CM Planting Distance Adjustable. Seeding Rapid, Not Only For Working But Also Enjoy The Planting Joy.

Manual Seed Planter, HSP10B

Rational Physical Design, Innovation Of Seeding Technology, Save Your Valuable Time To Do Something Else. Reasonable Offer, Timely Delivery, Excellent After Sales.