Manual Seed Planter

Manual Seed Planter

Manual Corn Seed Planter, Manual Seed Planter Machine.
Although It Operated By Manual, With Stable Function, Safety And Long Durability, Improve The Higher Productivity.

Model Number

Operation difficulty: 
Very Easy

Important Features 1: 
ABS White Plastic Body and Storage, Seeding Rapidly

Important Features 2: 
Automatic Cover Soil After Seeding.

Manual Seed Planter Description

The goal of the Hand Seed Planter is to make planting easy and save time.
With its sleek design and impressive functionality, the device does just what it was meant to do. It makes the process of planting simple and saves gardeners and farmers time-time that the could be tending to other crops or spending with their families (which is much more enjoyable than planting seeds all day).

Raise efficiency if you have Manual Seed Planter.

The objective of the Manual Seed Planter is to make planting simple and spare time. With its smooth plan and great features, the gadget does what it was intended to do. It makes planting easy, and spares the seed’s planters time-time in which they could be tending to different harvests, or relaxing with their families.

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Specifications Sheet

Body Material:ABS,PC
Handle, Pole Material:Galvanized Steel
Nozzle Material (7pcs):Galvanized Steel
Seed Storage Box Material:White ABS
Seed Storage Box Capacity:3.6KGS Seeds
Seeding Depth:5-6cm
Seeding Distance(7-Nozzle)15.5cm
Seeding Distance(6-Nozzle)17.0cm
Seeding Distance(5-Nozzle)19.0cm
Applicable Seed:Corn, Soybean, Green bean, Peanut, Carrot, Vegetable, Cotton ect
G.W/N.W:11.2/10.2 KGS
Packing Size51x27x55cm