Seeder Planter- Your good helper in garden or farm

If you have a large garden, there are two vegetable seed planters that you can use to make your planting work easier and help save a lot of seeds: stab planters and walk-behind seed planters.

A walk-behind Seed Planters

This is a precision device that puts every seed at a given spacing along a row. While moving along the row, the machine opens the soil to a given depth, drops the seed and the covers them. The machine the presses the soil into the seeds. The machine features a front wheel that drives the plate mechanism or the seed- metering cylinder-a structure known as the shoe which opens the soils and puts the seed in the soil. It also features discs and chains    that closes the device. Additionally, it comes with a wheel located at the rear, which makes sure there is firm          seed to soil contact, which is critical for effective germination.

For sowing a quarter of an acre of say, fodder peas or corn, you need a heavy duty planter that can fill the bill. On the other hand, when sowing smaller seeds for a smaller garden, you need several cheap and light duty planters.
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The stab vegetable planter

This is somewhat simpler to use compared to the walk-behind vegetable seed planter. The machine comes with a seed delivery tube as well as seed- metering device. There is also the operator’s foot which closes and presses the seeds. Although these machine many seem simple, a lot of corn that is planted in the United States use this device.
Working with vegetable seed planters can either be frustrating or joyous depending on the type of soil in your farm, physical condition of the soil, garden size and other factors. Light duty planters are ideal in heavy and lighter soils under the right conditions.

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