Now Is The Time To Save Big With Hand Seed Planter!

vegetable seed planterThere are two things in life that simply can’t be bought.

Time and health.

Here at JC Hand Seed Planter we know that the spring planting season can take its toll on your body, if you are doing all your seed planting by hand. Not only will your efficiency fall as the hard planting work makes  your body sore, your will to work can evaporate in the hot, midday sun!

Creating Efficiency Is Job #1

We know that our clients need to make every minute count, and that is Why we recommend upgrading to one of our hand seed planters.

Instead of having to stoop over, to put the seeds in the ground with your hand, you can walk along the fields and let one of our hand seed planters do most of the work. Not only will your body thank you for the investment, our hand seeds planters have a higher success rate than hand planted seeds for most farmers.

When you are operating a competitive agricultural business, you need to take any advantage you can find. If you are running a larger farming operation, and you have to hire labor to do some of your planting, then buying  hand seed planters from us is a smart move.

You can rest assured that when your planting team goes out into the field to work, their seed planting will be consistent, and your seed losses will be minimized by our well executed planting design. We tested our designs to make sure they deliver consistently high planting performance, which will make sure that not only do you waste    less seed, you will pay less in wages as well!

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Professionals By Design From Vegetable Seed Planters

When it comes right down to it, working with professionals can make the difference between money well spent, and wasted time and resources. Here at JC Hand Seed Planter we know what it takes to deliver products that will work for you season after season.

Our company was designed to manufacture products for working agricultural professionals, because we know how important it is to have reliable food supplies for a growing world population. Working video, click here.

If you have any questions about what we do, or our commitment to excellence, please send us an email at,
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