Expand Your Production With JC Hand Seed Planter

JC hand seed planter is a wonderful way to improve your productivity, while economizing your seed and fertilizer use. If you are currently seeding your fields by hand, we have a great option for you. The hand seed planters that we manufacture will cut your work in the fields down by an order of magnitude, and they won’t cost you anything to operate.

Seeding a field by hand is a lot of work, and eats up more time than is necessary. Our hand seed planters represent a wonderful way for small farmers to gain efficiency, without a big price tag. When you use one of our hand seed planters, the work that took a day to do by hand will be done in an hour or less. Think about how much more you will be able to get done with one of our hand seed planters!
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Hand seed planter will also cut down on wasted seed. When you are seeding your fields by hand, you are always going to waste a little bit of seed. No one is perfect, and it happens to everyone. Many farmers will pay for a tractor to come to do their seeding, but this isn’t a perfect solution. You will have to rely on someone else, and this will add cost to your planting.

Our hand seed planter will measure out the seeds that need to be planted, and place them in an orderly line. This will make sure that your crops are evenly spaced, and will have optimum growing conditions. You will also find that when you use our hand seed planters, the work will fly by. You don’t have to stoop down to plant the seeds, the machine does it all for you!

Because our hand seed planters are totally mechanical, they are a great way to get more done without any negative environmental effects. There are no recurring fuel costs, all you have to do is decide how far apart you want to plant your seeds, and just start pushing it through your field. The hand seed planter will do most of the work, and you will be getting a lot more done all by yourself.

We have a few models for you to choose from, and all of our products are built to be used professionally. No matter what your seed planting needs are, a hand seed planter is an efficient way to get more done. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and can ship our hand seed planters almost anywhere. Please have a look at what we can offer you online, or just drop us a line here.

3 thoughts on “Expand Your Production With JC Hand Seed Planter”

  1. Hi there, this looks like a great idea! Not just for big farms but for smaller farms/gardens, too.

    This can be a real back saver when you’re sowing a large garden, as one does not have to bend over.

    I think that this tool will also work great on intensive raised bed gardens. You can sow your seed in neat grids, and avoid trampling your beds.

    Thanks for sharing the info!


    • Hi, Oren, many thanks for your comment and suggestion, we will even more improve our product and design.

  2. Hello and thanks for sharing this is really awesome, I myself am into this line of work and have been for many years and the good part is working along with nature and seeing and getting the kind of results that you want. I am sure without a doubt that your readers will find this information very helpful and enlighting. Your post is well detailed and easy to follow, you have done great job.

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